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It is said that walking is just controlled falling. Without thinking about it you transfer your weight forward just before you take a step. If you didn’t take that step you would fall flat on your face.

Now  try this: Stand on one foot. Stay that way until you become aware of how  much work your foot is doing to keep you in balance. It is this signal from your feet that the Segway PT reads and does the balancing work for you. After a while it feels as though the Segway PT is reading your mind. It’s this that makes riding a Segway PT the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground. You will agree with use that riding a Segway PT is to -

Riding a Segway®PT (Personal Transporter) is a unique experience not to be missed. There is a phenomenon we call the Segway smile and no matter what your mood when you ride a Segway PT you will always end up with a Segway smile.
PTs are eco- friendly personal transporters.

Our Segway PT X2s are all terrain models and in just a few  minutes you will be as happy on a Segway PT as you are on your own two feet.

Even those who start by saying “I can’t” are the ones who love it the most. They are often the ones who don’t want to get off when the time comes.

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